My boyfriend wants us to make a s*x tape, but I am not sure what his intentions are, please help!

”Hello Uncle T, I am 25-year-old woman living in Durban with my boyfriend of 6 years. I am writing to you and the rest of the advice joint readers to seek advice about my boyfriend’s latest plea that has me questioning his intentions and the future of our relationship. He wants us to tape ourselves doing the deed, then ‘’delete’’ afterwards,  but my gut feeling says no.

I am afraid of turning him down because he might go outside and do it with someone else, but I fear if I do it, he might leak it and I might end up trending on social media like that girl Sesethu.  Please Uncle T, help me solve this one out, help!” Anonymous – Durban.

Hello there,

One thing you should always know is that relationships are no different from a democratic country, no one is forced to do anything if they don’t want to. Besides you being a girlfriend, you are entitled as a citizen of South Africa to practice your right to say no. In this situation, it’s about putting your values and morals first before anything else. I am not saying you and him are going to end up calling it quits, but think about the amount of power he is going to over you if he doesn’t delete that kind of video if you guys breakup.

Our sexual life, as stated in the bible and other spiritual scripts, should be nothing but private. S*x is sacred, and it should remain that way, don’t let anyone else fool you otherwise. My advice to you is; tell him you don’t feel comfortable to do that, and if he gets angry about your decision, then clearly this man does not love you enough to respect your personal decision, he might as well leave. PERIOD!

Uncle T has spoken.

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