My serial cheating husband is having a second child out of the marriage, should I forgive him?

Hello Uncle T, I am 38-year-old woman living in Kempton Park with my one and only daughter and a serial cheating husband. My husband and I have been married for 8 years now, and the good lord has blessed US with one daughter, even though we wanted more. Being married to this man has been a living nightmare because he can’t keep his pants up, not even for a high school girl.

Speaking of high school girls, I once went through trauma when my husband impregnated one, and I had to live with the fact that I’m sharing a man with a child old enough to be my daughter. Fine, I forgave him, however, he did it again, this time around with a woman old enough to be his mother.

He’s all remorseful and sorry about the situation and has even called in his uncles to come and intercede for him, but my heart is not at peace. Before I make any hasty decisions, I would like for you and the rest of the advice joint followers to please advise me on what should I do? SHOULD I FORGIVE HIM? HELP!


Hello there,

The problem with letting one ‘’mistake’’ slide is that the perpetrator will definitely come back to do some ice skate because clearly you allow everything to slide. Yes, you love your husband enough to forgive him for cheating once, but allowing him to get away with it this time around is not only crippling your dignity as a woman, but also setting a bad example to your daughter about what marriage is all about.

‘’For Better or worse’’ does not apply when it comes infidelity, neither does the bible allow that. If your husband truly loved and respected you as his wife, he could’ve learned from his first mistake and made sure that it does not happen ever again.

As an individual who supports feminism, I say to you my sister; you could do with someone who not only loves you, but respects you as well. 8 years of marriage does not mean anything if your partner hasn’t been loyal and honest with you, clearly he wasn’t ready for marriage. In fact, since the term ‘’husband’’ seems to be a problem for him, I suggest you allow him to be the boyfriend that he wants to be. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

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