#GrowUpYourOwnWay: Mercedes Benz brings in some bars to handle its luxury!

So far, Mercedes Benz has been hailed as the best German car brand that holds a reputation that is still unparalleled all over the world. The car brand has become a symbol for luxury and quality fused.

Recently, the car brand launched a new campaign that defines what ‘’cool’’ means and so far, the campaign is doing an exceptional job, with the help of a young local rapper of course!

Nasty C was announced as the face of the new Mercedes-Benz Compact Cars campaign – and a scorching hot addition to SA’s hip-hop scene.

Together with Mercedes-Benz, Nasty C’s mission is to promote the #GrowUpYourOwnWay.

When asked what growing up your own way means to him, Nasty C said, “It’s a good question. Throughout your life, you’ve been told to do things a certain way. But maybe a modern life isn’t about following tradition. Maybe it’s about redefining it” he explained.

“After all, why should adulthood stand in the way of your freedom? Hit Mercedes-Benz up on Facebook Messenger to find out how you can be more like me” said the 20-year-old rapper.

Merc surely made a good decision bringing Nasty on board, ask yourself why?

Their cars are luxurious, fast, always on top of the game and they strive to give clients an excellent service… now tell us, which of the above traits does Nasty C not have?


Main picture credit: SA Hip Hop Mag

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