IN MEMES | Vincent’s depressing story left Twitter in their feels & all tear’d up

Last night’s episode of Hope With Zola left viewers in tears after it featured a touching story of man who was trying to fix his life after making some bad decisions.

Vincent came to Johannesburg to hustle, but life happened and he lost his job and family. He was ashamed to admit his losses to his family, so he opted to stay in the streets.

Vincent spoke about his experience with drugs and wanted to end his life of isolation, with the help of Zola 7 and friends.

The story was heart-breaking for tweeps, who applauded Zola for not judging Vincent for the bad decisions he had made. They also gave Zola’s life-changing guidelines the thumbs up.

For them, it wasn’t a story about drugs but more a journey of transformation for a man whose has made some bad decisions and is now ready to fix his life.








Main image credit: Twitter

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