Lerato Kganyago: Let’s stop acting like men don’t get hurt or depressed

Lerato Kganyago has made her Twitter TL a place to have the conversations that people don’t often “want to have” and this time around she encouraged men to prioritise their mental health.

Lerato addressed the men on her TL, asking them to not let anything keep them from going to a see a psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist when they need their services. The presenter explained that seeking help to deal with mental issues is the best thing a man can do for himself, despite contrary belief that it makes men seem weak.

“My brother it’s OK to see a psychiatrist, psychologist or a therapist if you are not OK. I will never make you feel lesser of a man if you are in pain, helpless, suicidal, anxious, or are depressed! Take care of yourselves.”

As usual, her post ignited a conversation that exposed some ignorant views on the matter as well as people sharing their opinions and encouragement for men to ensure they are mentally alright.

One tweep came at Lerato for suggesting that men need to take better care of their mental health, saying men were not “emotional wrecks” that needed saving.

But Lerato quickly sent him back to his lane with a powerful statement about the reality of the situation.

“The number of South African men admitted to private psychiatric clinics for depression has risen. Please do research and let’s stop acting like men don’t hurt, aren’t depressed, aren’t suicidal when they hit rock bottom or aren’t anxious about life.”

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