WATCH: Will Smith’s version of Jaden’s music video causes a stir on the gram!

If the award for father of the year was to go to anyone, it would definitely go to Will Smith, who recently congratulated his son Jaden Smith on his music milestone with a hilarious surprise.

After Jaden reached 100 million Spotify streams for his Syre album, Will decided to post a parody version of Jaden’s “Icon” music video on Instagram. “Congrats on 100,000,000 @Spotify streams, Jaden! @c.syresmith It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children. Keep Doin’ You!” Will captioned the video post on Tuesday.

For the Instagram post, Will reenacted parts of Jaden’s video, dressing up just like his son did in the original version. Will also lip syncs the words to the song and dances in his slippers in the video!

The Instagram post has already been viewed over 3 million times and has received over a million likes. And it seems like Jaden enjoyed his dad’s post as well because he also gave the video a like!

Fans also posted Jaden’s comment on his dad’s video on social media. “Dad this is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Jaden wrote. “You’re the best father anyone could ask for.”

So sweet!

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