Pam Andrews returns to Rhythm City!

After a very long break away from our screens, Pam Andrews, better known as Gail October on Rhythm City – will make her grand return to the show soon.

Pam, who used the time away to focus on being a mother to her 5-year-old son Cidjey and travel through Europe, says she’s ecstatic to be back on the show.

“It’s always been my intention to return to the Rhythm City family,” Pam says.

Her return was announced in September and since then she’s been filming scenes. Pam’s son will also play her on-screen son, and she’s so excited to be working with Cidjey.

“I’m very excited! I’m an actress and for my son to kinda sorta be following in my footsteps for now, I love it,” she says.

And what can we expect from Gail? Pam has this to say; “Gail is a very brave, upfront and an in-your-face character who is unfiltered and calls it like she sees it. She’s still the same ambitious and hard-working woman – and unfortunately she still isn’t the best judge of character or situations – but she’s honest and has a good heart.”

Catch Gail’s return to Rhythm City on Thursday 23 November at 7pm on

Picture credit: eTV

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