#Valentines 2019 Couple Goals

Valentine’s Day is upon us and for many of us it’s a day of mixed emotions. For instance, for a large portion of the population, today is just another day (And we totally respect that!) but for some of us, V-day is a day when we have the opportunity to dream about what could be. 

Thanks to some of our favourite South African celebrities, we also get the chance to take a look at what those dreams might look like if they come true. So on Valentine’s Day 2019, we’ve decided to take a moment to appreciate the couples that keep us believing in love. 

Connie and Shona Ferguson

As if we’d start with any other couple! Connie and Shona have not only stood the test of time, but remind us that love is every day work. But if their marriage and romance is anything to go by, it’s all completely worth it

Kabelo and Gail Mabalane 

Another firm favourite is Kabelo and Gail Mabalane who are #CoupleGoals, #FamilyGoals and simply the object of our aspirations. These lovebirds are actually celebrating their 6-year wedding anniversary. 

Dineo and Solo 

Dineo Moeketsi and  her musician boyfriend, Solo have been going steady for 7 years now. These two remind us of how love can turn out when it is not rushed by outside pressure. Instead, they focus on themselves as individuals as well as a team. 

Amanda Du Pont and Shawn Rodriques 

While they may be the youngest couple on this list, Amanda and Shawn are living proof that fairy tales really do come true. The timing of their first meeting was perfect; after rotten luck in previous relationships, these two finally gave it a shot and are nearly ready to walk down the aisle after getting engaged last year. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@connie_ferguson

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