At the age of 7 months, Ntando Duma’s bundle of joy is already making cash!

Ntando Duma’s bundle of joy, baby Sbahle, is not just your ordinary baby. Ordinary babies don’t have Instagram accounts with more followers than many of us, not to mention being a brand ambassador at the age of 7 months!

TV and radio personality Ntando, was quick to explain in a recent interview with Metro FM, that baby Sbahle’s Insta profile is actually for business reasons than anything else.

“The reason I actually opened an Instagram account for her is for business stuff. She gets paid every month,” she explained.

Ntando further explained that baby Sbahle is an ambassador for a nappy brand called Cute Kiddies.

“What she does is post stuff for the brand and gets paid for it. My sister (Thando Duma) and I are the ones who do the posting,” she said.

In case you were wondering what Ntando does with the money generated by little Sbahle, she was just as quick to clear that up as well.

“The money is in her account. She’s going to start using it when she goes to school.” she said.

While many people may find it difficult to accept that a 7 month old has more Instagram followers than them, they will have to come to terms with the possibility that she probably also has more money.

Life is just not fair at all.

Main picture credit:South African Soapies | Updates In Soapie Land

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