AKA’s latest jewelry collection gets tongues wagging!

If this is some sort of PR stunt or trick to keep him at the top of the trends list, then AKA is doing quite a good job. The Supa Mega once again got tongues wagging when he unveiled his latest jewelry collection, a new set of diamond encrusted gold chains featuring the image of Apartheid struggle hero, Nelson Mandela.

The rapper told TshisaLIVE that he originally wanted to get a chain with Jesus on it but decided to “challenge” the designers by getting a Mandela piece instead.

He explained that Mandela was seen as something of a God in South Africa and he wanted to reflect that with his jewels.

“Mandela is an icon and I wanted to show that. Instead of getting the Jesus piece, which is a timeless classic in hip-hop, I thought: ‘let me challenge the designers and make something unique but with a similar message,” he said.

He brushed off claims, made by some of his followers on social media, that he was disrespectful for comparing Mandela to Jesus, saying he was not worried what people thought.

The pieces, which includes dozens of VVS diamonds over a gold mould, took three months to create but AKA was shy about the price tag.

“I’ll have to get you all the details later but I am happy with it. It’s a swaggy piece and it definitely won’t be my last,” he added.

Take a look at the jewels below.

Picture credit: The Edge Search

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