Bonang Matheba is still daddy’s little girl amidst being on Mzansi’s A-list!

Although Bonang ‘’Queen B’’ Matheba is without a doubt one of Mzansi’s biggest celebrities, her latest interview proved to us that she is still very much a daddy’s girl.

Due to the low-level of privacy in the entertainment industry, Bonang Matheba has always chosen to keep her family out of the limelight.

However, in an interview with SABC 1’s Six Zeros To My Name uploaded by SABC1 on their YouTube page, the star spoke openly about her parents’ separation.

Speaking about her father, who is a professor, she said: “My dad is one of the kindest, loving, gentle and patient men in the world.”

She said her father used to love hosting. “So we’d have lots of parties, lots of music blurring through the speakers. My aunts and uncles were always around, my father’s friends were always around, my friends were always around.

“My father is a very social person. I remember always being surrounded by lots and lots of love. I think that really made a difference in my world.”

Bonang’s parents divorced when she was five years old and since then, her cravings for a family unit were abnormally high.

“You crave a family unit, wanting your mom and dad to be together and growing up with siblings and all of that, which I never had.”

However, she made it clear that her parents gave her more than that. “They gave me love, they gave me attention. I never felt like it was a physical… it was a physical separation, but the love that they had for each other, and the love that they had for me, I think outweighed everything else that was happening around me.”

Bonang added: “My parents were very mature and are very amicable with each other.”

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