Cassper lambasts SA brands for not supporting local acts!

After making history this past weekend at the FNB Stadium, one would expect Cassper Nyovest to be in his Jacuzzi enjoying some Ciroc and the company of his friends. But that’s an imaginary Cassper, the real one is out there standing up against the local corporate industry that he claims has a lack of support for local acts!

Cassper claimed to have gone broke after having to largely foot the bill for his massive show last weekend, with major sponsors only coming on board in the last few weeks leading up to the show.

Speaking to ENCA, Cassper said his battle to find sponsors was a blessing in disguise, because it revealed how brands didn’t care about artists.

“It has to happen like this so that people can get an idea of how the South African industry works. If it didn’t happen to me then they wouldn’t see how much these brands that operate in our area don’t care. They actually don’t care. Those who are supporting, we champion them.”

He said that an artist can go from playing on the biggest stage to moving back home with nothing because the industry is not sustainable.

“It is such a sad thing that we have artists who operate for two or three years, and after that they are back in the hood with nothing because the industry is not sustainable. You can’t live on having shows every weekend. We need to make it sustainable and start filling up stadiums so that we can make the kind of money these other people make in our country.”

Cassper’s grievances are similar to those expressed by Lion King producer Lebo M, who claimed local brands prefer “washed out” international acts to South African talent.

“What really p**ses me off is that there’s money in this country, but instead of investing in local acts, we’d rather throw money at some washed-out act from the USA. People who can’t even fill a f**king nightclub in the USA are paid top dollar to perform here,” Lebo told Destiny Man in August.

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