Emtee accused of smoking weed around his kids!

What was expected to be an easy Sunday on Twitterville turned out to be a disciplinary meeting for local trap rapper, Emtee. The muso found himself under some serious scrutiny after he was accused of smoking weed around his kids.

The news spread like wildfire on social media when self-proclaimed ‘Commander In Chief of Black Twitter’ – Adv Barry Roux reprimanded Emtee for smoking the herb around his younger fans.

Emtee then received some heavy backlash from tweeps, accusing him of not being a proper example to his younger fans and his kid for smoking weed in front of them.

As always, Emtee stood his ground and assured tweeps that they shouldn’t worry about his father skills as he’ll ensure that his child smokes ‘good tingz’ when he’s grown.

Later on, Adv Barry Roux went on to Twitter to publicly apologize for the tweet he sent to Emtee as the rapper had reached out to him to explain that he felt attacked and that he was not smoking weed but was smoking backwood cigars.

Well, at least that misunderstanding was cleared out.

Oh, and shout out to Adv Barry Roux for this tweet, not a lot of people can admit their mistakes in public like this, especially on Twitter.

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