‘F*ck them all!’ – PRO wants the new age hip-hop artists to give veterans respect

Rapper PRO, formerly known as Pro Kid, has come out strongly against the new age hip-hop artist in Mzansi. Pro claims that the new artists have forgotten about veterans that went before them, not to mention the lack of respect they have.

The hip-hop artist, who is also a veteran, claimed that while new artists were quick to use samples from older artists, they did not appreciate or respect those who had pioneered the genre.

Drawing attention to hip-hop veteran HHP, PRO said that he was saddened by the way the artist had been neglected by those he had worked so hard for in the industry.

“The ones that came after HHP, I don’t think they embraced him. They didn’t treat him right or appreciate him. They are quick to forget the people who put them there. People who were once your friend don’t f*ck with you anymore.”

He said he went through a similar struggle and was angered by how quickly artists were replaced and discarded in the industry.

“F*ck them all! I learnt to just focus on my music and write more verses. I went into studio and just made proper music. I forgot the backstabbing and the nonsense and tried to find myself again,” he said.

It has been several years since PRO last released an album and the star tried to carve a comeback with a new album early last year, only to delay the release several times.

“So many things have come up and I have been really busy. I am still working on the album and I am hoping to release it by April next year,” he added.

He said that he was not worried about being forgotten or his music not selling as much as it previously did.

“I’m one of the few pioneers in this industry and you cannot mention the genres without me and other guys like Brown Dash. My music will still do well,” he said.

Picture credit: Sunday World

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