Has Drake gone full Vegan?

Be careful of what you say on social media Drizzy, we might just believe it. The rapper had us wondering if he’s gone full vegan after posting a photo on Instagram of him and a friend with the caption, “If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?”

Roughly analyzing it, the joke suggests that the rapper might have low-key gone vegan, possibly joining Beyoncé’s “44 days until Coachella” vegan prep, which she called on her Beyhive for support.

If two vegans are angry at each other…is it beef?

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Jay-Z has already joined her. And while Drake is not in the Coachella 2K18 lineup, his 2013 track “Girls Love Beyoncé” made it clear that he certainly loves her too. If the rumors are true, we can’t wait to see Drizzy’s vegan gains. #VeganPapi

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