Levels! Rihanna is the only Black singer to cover all international Vogue Magazines in history

When Rihanna once urged us to shine bright like a diamond, we didn’t think she meant going all the way out to become the only Black singer to grace the covers of all international Vogue Magazines.

Rihanna covers Vogue Paris for its December issue, and with three different covers shot by three different photographers, such milestones deserve some bold italics on history books.

An astute Twitter user pointed out that with this Vogue Paris issue, RiRi is the only Black singer to have covered Vogue’s four foremost imprints: American Vogue, Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia and British Vogue. A true icon!!!

For this Vogue Paris issue, as we mentioned, three different photogs capture Rih through their gaze, including duo Inez and Vindooh, Juergen Teller and Jean Paul Goude. (Goude has, in the past, been accused of tokenism for his apparent fixation with Blackness, which resulted in the controversial photo book Jungle Fever. He also received backlash for capturing Kim Kardashian’s infamous Break The Internet cover for Paper Magazine.)



Each cover is markedly different. Inez and Vindooh capture her in black and white, which happens to be our favorite of the bunch. Teller’s famous off-the-cuff style photography manifests in the chill cover that features her hair wrapped in an Emilio Pucci towel. And finally Goude’s cover, the most French of the lot, features RiRi in a red lippie (Stunna lip paint, is that you?) and a Dior beret. Tres chic!

Which cover is your fave?

Main picture credit: KiSS 92.5

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