Minnie Dlamini responds to pregnancy rumours!

Minnie Dlamini has had the rumour mill oiled for days, with every snap on social media accompanied by questions whether she is pregnant or not.

Well, the reality TV star has responded to the rumours, telling fans that she is just getting chubby.

The TV star is not pregnant, at least that’s what she told Anele this week. Minnie explained that Quinton and her aren’t even trying, but the offers to capture her pregnancy keep pouring in.

“I have spoken to a lot of people and there are mixed reviews. Maybe let’s see how women really feel during that process…maybe show the real side of pregnancy. I get that, but I am not alright in the head, so they can’t be exposing that kind of stuff on screen.”

She said that she was left shaking after her last reality show special and wondering what she would do if those around her didn’t like it.

She questioned whether she would feel any different if the cameras were turned on for something even more intimate like her preparing to give birth.

“What are the expectations of seeing the child? Am I comfortable with showing my child immediately. I am not sure. It is definitely something that is not on the cards and right now definitely something I am shying away from.”

But having kids is still on the cards for Mrs Jones. She told Tbo Touch on Touch HD late last year she could not wait to start a family.

“We know it will all happen in due time. We aren’t in a rush but we can’t wait to start a family.”

Well take your time Mrs Jones, take your time!

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