Ouch! Next time you try to pull that ‘’Bingrish’’ joke on Bonang Matheba, think about this clapback

Just a friendly reminder; next time you try and pull that ‘’Bingrish’’ joke on Bonang Matheba, make sure you have some room saved up in your heart for humiliation.

In South Africa, Twitter has become the most used platform by celebs to execute the most amusing and topnotch of clapbacks that effectively put the trolls in their rightful places. Bonang Matheba is one of those celebrities who are using it to put people in their lane…. Like, STAY IN YOUR LANE HATER!

After months of being under shade for the errors in her book, Bonang – From A to B, the TV presenter is over it and wants people to do the same.

She was responding to someone who commented on the book’s errors and said the insults around the ‘Engrish’ was tired.

”This insult is tired baby. We need something new.”

Main Image Credit: DStv

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