This Rihanna babysitting Blue Ivy meme is lols for days!

It seems like the Beyhive is keeping themselves busy by roasting Rihanna and Blue Ivy as they eagerly wait for specific details on the reported new arrival of Bey and Jigga’s twins.

A meme circulating the internet has given a hilarious speculation on Blue’s whereabouts that involves Roc Nation’s bad gal Rihanna.

Pictured in the meme is a young lady who resembles the Anti songstress and a young child beside her, posed with a hand on her hip. Both of them are staring at a cellphone screen in a way that almost appears to be an attempt to pass the time.

“Rihanna babysitting Blue until Bey and Jay come home with the twins,” the caption reads.

Rumour that the twins have occupied a week’s stay in the hospital after their reported birth due to “minor health issues” has spread panic amongst the Beyhivers. Perhaps, the meme’s creator is providing some comedic relief for anxious BeyHivers to help contain the widespread panics.

Who made this 😩

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