British Airways apologizes to Black Motion, but is it enough?

BRITISH Airways has apologised to Black Motion following an alleged racist incident that happened on one of their flights.

Black Motions made headlines this week when they claimed that they were escorted off the airline’s Joburg-bound flight from Cape Town on Monday.

They were apparently offloaded from the flight after refusing to give up their business class seats to a white customer.

On Wednesday the group’s travel manager, Nicky Seema and business partner Moses Mokgoko, as well as Thabo “Smol” Mabogwane and Bongani “Murdah” Mohosana, met with the airline’s marketing department.

The outcome was that the airline will look into the matter.

Moses said: “They have apologised and said it is not the way they carry out their business.

“The apology was not from the crew that instigated the incident.”

Nicky said next week they will be meeting with the airline again.

Seema said when the two protested, the captain asked the police to offload them.

He said what made it worse was the captain said he did not feel safe and wanted to avoid another 9/11.

The EFF has slammed the incident.

“We call on British Airways to institute an independent investigation into this situation headed by an independent body or senior counsel.

“The captain, together with the crew, must be placed under immediate suspension and face the full might of the law,” said the party.

Picture credit: TimesLive

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