Kaizer Motaung earns his BCom degree

Former Kaizer Chiefs striker and heartthrob Kaizer Motaung Junior is a man that wears many hats, not only as a soccer player and businessman but he now also wears the hate of a BCom degree in Financial Management graduate.

The positive news was announced by his former soccer team – Kaizer Chiefs on its Twitter account recently. 

Speaking to The Citizen recently, Kaizer mentioned that he went back to school because he not only wanted to set an example for his two sons, but it is something he had always wanted to pursuit.

Education is not about family or anyone it is about you. it is a personal achievement that no one is going to take away. For me it was something that I have always wanted to do or to achieve,” he told the publication.
Kaizer began studying full time back in 2014 and has now returned to the club to commence a permanent role in the club’s management.

Kaizer is officially added onto the long list of public figures and entertainers who have graduated in the past year.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@KaizerMotaungJnr.