Loyiso Madinga on joining The Daily Show: ‘’They didn’t only choose me, they chose SA and Africa.”

As South Africans take to social media to congratulate Loyiso Madinga on scoring a slot on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the comedian had a few words of gratitude to say.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Loyiso admitted that the love and attention has been overwhelming for him but has inspired him to do the country proud.

“The attention on me is overwhelming and a bit crazy but I guess the universe wouldn’t have given it to me if I wasn’t ready. They didn’t only choose me, they chose SA and Africa.”

Although Loyiso said he was yet to ask Trevor why he “selected” him, he said he wasn’t initially sure he would bag the gig after his audition.

“I auditioned, and I remember just after me, there was this really brilliant comedian and I thought, ‘ah there goes that job’. But there was something they wanted and they found it in me. My personality may have just been what they were looking for, I’m so excited.”

Loyiso will be sharing his insights on current political and social topics in SA.

He said that the segment was only in its pilot phase but he was confident it would become a permanent feature and was so happy South Africa was not overlooked.

The 30-year-old said the whole team behind his big break was not compromising on anything.

“We are giving the world a view of Africa that is not stereotypical. We also can’t be wishy-washy with the stance that we share with the world. We have a great writing team and whatever opinion we share will be a well-researched, educated stance that will be digestible for the world.”

Congratulations Loyiso, we know you got this one in the bag! #Spirit

Picture credit: Destiny Magazine

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