Ntsiki Mazwai claims a family member is emotionally abusing her!

It has hardly been a week after claiming that convicted artist Brickz raped her, now, Ntsiki Mazwai has claimed another abuse on the hands of a family member who is making her life a “living hell”.

“Nobody is hearing my cry. Everybody keeps quiet as he hurls abuse…He does it every day. Swears at me every day. Accuses me of things I haven’t done just so he can express his rage at me,” she wrote on Instagram.

She alleged that other family members turn a blind eye to the situation.

“Patriarchy is a deep and difficult problem we face as a society, in our families. It is a vile disease that make the men in our homes a danger to us,” she added.

Interacting with a fan, Ntsiki claimed that the situation was “toxic” and got so bad she had to speak out.

“Why do you think I’m now shouting loud for the world. I have murderous thought. He is so foul and disgusting. Undithuka (insulting me) every single day. It’s so toxic,” she said, in response to a fan’s own tale of abuse.

Ntsiki hasn’t released an official press comment as yet.

Picture credit: Sunday World

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