WATCH | Jay-Z & Beyoncé set the stage alight at the Global Citizen Festival

On Sunday, South Africa was treated to a first ever Bey and Jay concert when they performed their successful OTR II in Johannesburg as part of the Global Citizens Festival that happened on Sunday. Over 90 000 lucky South Africans received free tickets and got to enjoy international music great’s who had converged on South African shores as part of the Mandela 100 centenary and Global Citizens initiatives.

The Carters didn’t disappoint as they gave a show that was billed as one of the highlights of 2018. Everything about their act was faultless, from the jaw-dropping outfits, to the magnificent choreography right through to the amazing surprise acts that made an awesome run of OTR II even better!

We picked out some reasons why we think the Carters performances are amongst the best of all time:

Beyonce can put on a great show!

Whether solo or in a group, there is no disputing that Beyonce is a star. She gives everyone of her shows a real personal touch and ensures that she leaves you in awe at the end of every show. There is an ongoing debate on the social media streets, about whether Michael Jackson or Beyoncé is the greatest performer of all time. We think both are legendary!

No lip syncing.

Forget a backing track in the background, Beyoncé serves voice and makes sure that you are hearing her vocals hitting the high notes.

She follows every act with synchronised, well-choreographed dance routines and still manages to not skip words in her songs.

Her unwavering stage presence is unmatched! Wow!

The truly Mzansi touch

Beyonce has performed a million times all over the world, but she still gave us a show unique to South African and she collaborated with local acts to make sure it had the flavour.

Everything really was love!

The production: Costumes, transitions, dancing etc. was truly magnificent!

The Carters did that! They gave us what we deserve. Nothing was mediocre about their set, not their vocals, not song selection, not their dancing or the outfits!

their chemistry and unwavering stage presence make every performance unmatched!

Main image credit: Tshisa Live.

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