You won’t believe how much Beyoncé makes for one Insta post!

While Selena Gomez is the most followed person on Insta, Beyoncé takes the crown since her social capital is worth the most

Yes, most celebs get paid for posting ads on their Instagram profiles, but not every celeb makes equal the number of Beyoncé’s price tag.. According to BET, Bey gets paid over $1 million per post. All hail, queen Bey!

After her pregnancy announcement post that caused a stir on the internet, queen Bey eventually had all the sponsors kneeling before her. The pregnancy post became the most-liked Instagram ever (10.8 million likes to date), knocking Selena Gomez off her pedestal, who formerly held the position (6.6 million likes).

One would be surprised that although Beyoncé has almost everyone following her on Instagram, she doesn’t follow anyone else back. Not even her mom or sister. Not that we blame her, she’s great!

However, Bey does have a very interesting relationship with Gucci and we are curious about those terms. Still, it seems that she only uses these powers for good for now. But for her, it must be nice to know that one selfie is equivalent to more than 5 university fees in Africa.

Picture credit: The telegraph

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