In Memes: Find out what type of person you are this on this day (Black Friday)

It is no secret that each and every one of us are tailored with our own character and behavior. However, some of us tend to go an extra mile away from those characters when special days or occasions emerge, like on Black Friday.

Black Friday fever has definitely gripped all types of people across the country, from those who can’t help but spend even their rent money on the discount accessories, to those who keep asking the impossible, like is there a discount on Lobola (dowries) this Black Friday?


We’ve compiled a list of people judging by the most popular reactions to #BlackFriday, and there’s sure to be one that fits your profile.

Check out the list of top five and see which one fits you like a glove:

1. The shocked peeps

Every #BlackFriday you are just chilling in front of your PC/phone just SHOOK by how many people are participating in the Black Friday madness

2. The ‘it is my own damn money to spend’ squad

Every time the madness begins, you feel guilty because your Twitter timeline is filled with those ‘fake deep’ people reminding you about the origin of Black Friday and things like slaves and and and… But then you snap out of it and go well it’s my money after all…

3. The ‘I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it’ team

You know after the essential bills you are only left with transport money. You also know you have a non-existent #KeDecemberBoss budget and yet…

4. The Smal Street crew

All you want is for that (national) floral two-piece suit in Johannesburg CBD to go from R250 to R150. That is all you want  but those people ain’t about this #BlackFriday life.. How sad…

5. The mission impossible cast

50% of lobola? In which black family? Actually in which family nje? Nah fam, ain’t happening!

Picture credit: The Wrap

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