Wayden Van Niekerk breaks world record!

Wayden Van Niekerk has taken Mzansi’s Olympics to a whole different level by breaking records during his last run. Wayde ran 30.81 at the Ostrava Golden Spike Meet in the Czech Republic to break Michael Johnson’s previous world record* in the 300m of 30.85.

According to history, only two men had been under 31 seconds for 200m: Michael Johnson and Usain Bolt (30.97 in Ostrava in 2010).

However, Van Niekerk has taken over after racing the clock.

From his reaction on seeing the time, he must have thought he could run faster as he didn’t react like a guy who had beaten a world record.

Watch the video of the race below:

Congratulations are in order for Wayde Van Niekerk on making us proud…

Picture credit: Sky Sports

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