The Editor

Tebogo Nkabinde is an author, a poet, a lyrics writer, a scriptwriter and a researcher about the latest trends and celebrities.

Tebogo spent most of his academic years with several organizations, including South Africa’s leading youth empowerment initiative, The New loveLife Trust. During these years with the organization, he received accolades for one of the best Peer Mobilizers, Marketing Strategist, Team Coaching, Programme Implementation, Event and Project Management, StakeHolder Management, and Community Mobilization..

In 2015, Tebogo was the only writer who welcomed the Danish Ambassadors as they paid a visit to South Africa’s Orange Farm Y-Centre.

In the same year, Tebogo appeared on national television (Bona Re Etsang SABC1), which documents all the good done by South Africa’s youth.

Tebogo loves singing (although he barely can), reading, debating, politics and philosophy.

In his experience as a young journalist, Tebogo has interviewed big music artists, fashion designers, TV/Radio personalities and other top of the charts celebrities. Some of these big shots include Fifi Cooper, DJ Shimza, The GoodLuck band, JJ Schoeman, Scalo (Scalo designers), Martell’s SA brand ambassador and more.

Tebogo Nkabinde’s philosophy about the industry as a whole is: ‘’If you want to pursue a career within the industry, make sure that your camouflage game is on par. Because sharks within the industry can spot great talent miles away, and they will do anything to find it, and kill it.’’

Due to the unrequited love he has for celebrity lifestyle and entertainment, Tebogo Nkabinde has excused himself from any negative publicity that tarnishes our celebrity’s images and give people the idea that the media is nothing but a pack of hungry hyenas waiting to scavenge on the helpless.

Lastly, Tebogo Nkabinde looks up to Cassper Nyovest, the guy who is best known for filling up stadiums with entertainment. Just like Nyovest, Tebogo wants to fill the hearts of the hopeless with hope, using literature and poetry.

Today, Tebogo Nkabinde contributes to why we all love this Entertainment | Celebrity Gossip and News Portal.