10 alternative Christmas Trees perfect for small spaces

While not all of us are privileged enough to have big spaces or dining lounges that can fit a 6 foot Christmas tree to keep the holiday spirit alive, we all have access to internet and surfing EntertainmentSA for other alternatives.

Holiday decorating can be daunting as Christmas trees and decorations seem to get bigger and bigger every year. And let’s be honest: Who doesn’t dream of a fluffy, oversized fir? Spaces large enough to fit an oversized Christmas tree are pretty hard to come by, as the holiday movie classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation makes all too clear.

So what’s a Christmas tree–loving home decorator to do? Find an alternative Christmas tree, of course. Knowing can still come in handy, even if a isn’t involved. With a little know-how (and these smart alternative Christmas tree ideas), you can bring the look and feel of a Christmas tree home to a very small space.

These Christmas tree ideas help spread holiday cheer while fitting into your home and lifestyle—and may even impress your guests while you’re at it.

From a wall-hanging Christmas tree made out of washi tape to a chalkboard tree your kids can help draw themselves, these alternative Christmas tree ideas take up minimal space while delivering maximum holiday cheer. Try one of these ideas in place of the traditional tree in the living room or add one in the kitchen or the kids’ playroom for a festive touch. These small-space designs prove you don’t need a lot of square footage to make your space feel merry and bright all season long.