10 ways to enjoy your coffee

For hot beverage lovers, we know that there are significant differences in how it is consumed throughout the world. Below are 10 ways in which you can enjoy your coffee, inspired by different cultures, traditions and cuisines.



Espresso is made by pressing hot water through ground coffee very fast. If you do it right the espresso will have a small light brown layer on top, consisting of fats and sugars that were pressed out of the ground coffee. This one is the best for Italians.


Cappuccino is to be consumed at breakfast. Try order a croissant to go with it and dip it into your cappuccino before you take a bite. It’s the best combination!


Any coffee with milk that does not resemble cappuccino, is called latte – even though this is not entirely correct. Thanks to large commercial chains like Starbucks, we are now all familiar with this term.


A macchiato is an espresso with a drop of milk in it. The name means something like ‘distinction’ – baristas needed to show the difference between a macchiato and a regular espresso when people ordered both, so the macchiato was marked.

Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee consists of ground beans that are cooked (simmering, not to a boiling point) on a stove with water (often with sugar). This means that you will always have remains on the bottom of your cup.


Americano is an espresso with extra water added, basically making it a bigger cup that is less strong. If you’re used to filter coffee, this could be what you’d like to order when in Italy.

Irish Coffee

The Irish version of coffee contains whiskey. Coffee, sugar, whipped cream and whiskey are the key ingredients of this tasty drink, which is a great pick-me-up during lang, drab, rainy Irish autumns.

Wiener Melange

Also known as Viennese Blend, this is a weird one. The biggest Viennese manufacturer says Wiener Melange is coffee with sugar, steamed milk and foamed milk, but in the UK, you will most likely get whipped cream on top.

Ginseng Coffee

Coffee with added ginseng and a soymilk layer – this specific kind is currently very popular in Italy. When you order it, you get it from a specific machine.

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Instant Coffee

Instant coffee goes in and out of fashion. It was quite popular during the 70’s and 80’s as a fast alternative to filter – you only had to add water to make a fast cup. Nowadays, better tasting instant coffee is a normal option all over the world.


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