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    The Africa Cup of hairstyles most popular (Mohawk)

    AFRICANS have a way of grabbing your attention.

    From the outrageously unique hairstyles you see on the pitch during matches on the continent, to the rhythmically flawless way an African player celebrates triumph through dance – all of it embodies Africa's presence that cannot be found anywhere else on the globe.

    It's that time again when 16 of Africa's best soccer nations come together to compete for the coveted Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon).

    It's difficult to talk about outrageous hairstyles in the Afcon and not mention Taibo West.

    The Nigerian retired from soccer but, while he was still playing, he would usually have two small colourful ponytails somewhere on his bald head. That was over a decade ago.

    But even in this year's tournament peculiar hairstyles will find a place on the field. Take for example Ivory Coast's forward Gervinho.

    The Ivorian star, who also plays for AS Roma in Italy, has had his hairstyle for a while and for some reason, the braids that drop on the side of his face are something the eye never gets used to. The forward has a receding hairline that seems to be caused by the hairstyle ripping his hair from the follicles.

    Another player with a peculiar taste for activities of the scalp is Gabon's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. The third-runner-up for last year's CAF player of the year award, which was won by Yaya Touré, is the Gabonese star captain known for his bursts of speedy attacks.

    The 25-year-old Borussia Dortmund player could be mistaken for Brazil's Neymar with his mohawk hairstyle.

    With the mohawk leaving space for creativity on the side of the head, Aubameyang uses it to express certain thoughts. He famously had "BVB" (a reference to Dortmund) on his head before a Champions League match with Real Madrid.


    Image credit: moddingway

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