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    Kate Middleton Rushed To Hospital After Pregnancy Health Scare

    Poor Kate Middleton was rushed the hospital after experiencing excruciating abdominal pains. She feared something was wrong with her unborn baby, but thankfully both are okay!


    Kate Middleton, 33, is still seven weeks away from her second baby’s due date, but she’s been reportedly suffering from severe Braxton Hicks contractions. The false labor pains got so bad this month, that the Duchess feared something was terribly wrong with her baby, and reportedly called emergency services. How awful!

    Kate Middleton Rushed To the Hospital after Experiencing Severe Pain. We all know that Kate has been keeping up with her intense schedule of royal appearances while trying to juggle being pregnant. But a new report claims her traveling will be slowing down now after she reportedly was rushed to the hospital this month with severe Braxton Hicks contractions.


    “Kate was frantic. William wasn’t home, and she was seriously concerned about the pain she was in,” a royal source told Star Magazine. “She was doubled over in agony, and her immediate fear was for her unborn baby. So she had her aides call emergency services.” That’s so scary!

    Once the Duchess was admitted to the hospital, she reportedly had a series of tests were done, but doctors couldn’t establish what was wrong. “At first they thought she was in labor, but her contractions weren’t regular enough to warrant them preparing for birth,” the source explained to Star.

     “The contractions aren’t necessary a sign that the baby is coming early, but they can be a red flag, so her doctors have been preparing for an early arrival,” the source told the outlet. She reportedly was kept overnight for observation, but her symptoms gradually disappeared less than 24 hours after Kate had been admitted, so she was released.

    We’re so glad it was a false alarm!

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