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Tyga & Kylie Jenner: Hes Moving Into Her New $2 Million Mansion

Tyga and Kylie are getting serious! The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star may still be a teen, but she just purchased a $2.7 million mansion, according to a HollywoodLife.com insider, and her rapper boyfriend is moving in with her.

Find out why they’re moving forward with their relationship so quickly! Kylie Jenner, 17 and Tyga 25 will soon be shacking up! The KUWTK teen just purchased a new house — worth $2.7 million — for her and her boyfriend to call home, according to a HollywoodLife.com insider. It seems pretty fast for Kylie and Tyga to be living together, but the rapper has his reasons for wanting to move in. Here’s what we know.

Kylie Jenner’s New House — Tyga’s Moving In: Why He’ll Be Staying With Her

“Tyga has his own pad — there’s no need for him to move into Kylie’s place full-time — but he will be there a lot. He has his own key. It’s more of a protection and safety thing, actually. Kylie’s never really lived on her own before and this house, which he helped her pick out when she was house hunting, is crazy big. He doesn’t want her to be in that house alone all by herself and neither does she,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY.

We love how Tyga seems so protective of Kylie. He clearly cares a lot about her and just wants her to be comfortable in her new house. However, Tyga won’t be living with Kylie permanently — it’s just a temporary arrangement.

We know Kylie has a lot of females in her family, so we’re sure she appreciates having a man to help her around the house. Plus, moving is always a pain. Tyga seems keen on making the process as least stressful as possible.

Tyga’s Excited to Sleep in His Home Away From Home “Tyga asked Kylie not to move in or lift a finger until he’s back home from tour. He very much wants to be part of this process and can’t wait until he’s back so he can be with her and sleep at his new home away from home.” So cute! We can’t wait to see how they decorate the new house.

Picture Credit: eonline

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