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    Ways to seduce a woman

    Let her lead the way
    your new pick-up line: “Can you point
me to the art museum?” In a French study, men who asked for directions before
inviting a woman to grab a drink were nearly five times as likely to secure a date as those who skipped straight to asking her out. “It’s easier for a woman to say yes to something big after she’s said yes to something small,” explains Hartman. Suggest a place that’s within walking distance so it’s convenient and non-threatening.

    Praise Her Hard Work
    If your girlfriend has been carefully prepping for bikini season, be sure to compliment her success when she slips into her costume: “Wow, your stomach looks great!” 
In a recent British survey, women said that receiving a compliment boosts their 
mood more than chocolate does.

    Pamper Her
    Make sure you pre-arrange the hotel’s honeymoon package – champagne in the room, a fruit tray, plush robes, even if you’re not newly-weds

    Play Naked Games
    If you have access to a private pool, play
a game of naked Marco Polo. “Turning 
an innocent game into something naughty is always fun,” says Keesling.  No pool? Take her to a lake or a dam, where the water is murky and protective, suggests Hartman. If she’s not comfortable 
going completely nude, then make stripping down part of the game and play in your underwear instead. Somewhow it just seems sexier than 
a swimming costume.

    Adore Her Body
    That glimpse of thigh under her sundress, the curve of her breasts in her bikini – don’t just look: admire. Say, “I can’t wait to see you without your dress on.” Then look with an appreciative eye, says Engler. You’ll get the best response if what you say is said with adoration.”

    Fly solo at weddings
    Before you whine about all those weddings, consider this: the romantic
setting primes the bride’s single gal pals for pairing off. And as a friend of the couple, you’ve been pre-screened. You’re not trying to be one of the guys 
from Wedding Crashers but you do want 
to wear your best tailored suit: men in well-fitted suits are seen as more successful and confident than guys in baggy attire. Look your best and who knows what 
could happen.

    Get sweaty with women
    Play frisbee or beach bats – women enjoy laid-back group sports. After a game, propose beers with the team so you can secure face time with any hot prospects. “Men are turned on by side-by-side tasks,” 
says Dr Barbara Keesling, author of 
The Good Girl’s Guide to Bad Girl Sex “but women 
prefer face-to-face contact.”

    Pack A Picnic
    Spreading out a blanket at the park is sweet, but picnicking where there’s privacy – a scenic overlook, for example – is hot. Bring a citronella candle to ward off bugs and set the mood. And pack fresh fruit: “The sexiest fruits – like strawberries – are in season,” says Engler. “You can drizzle the juice on her breasts and lick it off.”

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