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    KELLY’S Sangoma lover Bhaka is nursing an injured eye after Kelly allegedly stabbed him with her fingernail!

    On the surface, their fight may have been about Kelly’s make-up, but, said Bhaka, it was really because he won’t leave his wife, which his clearly not prepared to do.

    The SunTeam saw him leaving the Elangeni Hotel before the Metro FM Music Awards in Durban on Saturday. Zamokwakhe “Bhaka” Nzama, told Sunday Sun that Kelly had tried to rip out his eye with her fingernail. 
    ​He said she held him by his dreadlocks, attacked his face and neck and tried to strangle him. He said he stood still while she swore at him and attacked him because he doesn’t beat women. “I went to give Kelly the car keys but my mistake was to comment on her make-up. I jokingly said I couldn’t believe she looked so different,” he said. “Suddenly I was in the middle of a fight. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I think if she had a gun or a knife she would have killed me. She was attacking me with her long, sharp nails.”

    Bhaka said there is no future for him and Kelly, she is not marriage material!!

     “When we started dating Kelly knew about Jabu. She pretended to understand. Jabu is my wife and I will never leave her.” Bhaka has two kids with Jabu.


    A staff member who asked not to be named said the hotel room was open when they were fighting.

    “Kelly asked Bhaka when he would leave his wife and Bhaka said he wouldn’t leave her,” said the source.

    Bhaka left but later came back. “We saw her pulling Bhaka’s dreadlocks. When he tried to pull away and run, Kelly grabbed him again.”

    Picture credit: DailySun


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