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    Chicken on the floor at a Checker store in Cape Town

    A disturbing image has surfaced of chicken on the floor in the deli at a Checkers store in Cape Town. The retail giant says the matter is being investigated.

    A Checkers store in Cape Town has left a bitter taste in the mouth of a consumer after he saw raw marinated chicken on the floor in the deli.

    This stomach-turning experience took place at the Checkers outlet in Bayside Mall in Table View.

    The consumer, who wants to remain anonymous, was so appalled by what he saw that he snapped an image to capture the shocking discovery.

    What happened?

    He says nothing indicated to him that an accident may have occurred because no sign was put up and there was no rush to pick up the chicken from the floor.

    "I stood in the queue waiting to be assisted … there were three customers in front of me and two behind me.  For this whole time the chicken was just laying on the floor.

    "Then a woman came from the back and packed the chicken in a white container. It seemed very normal. She was so relaxed."

    He said what looked like the manager watched on as the employee packed over the chicken to the container without even assuring customers that there is no need to worry.

    Checkers responds

    Health24 checked in with the Shoprite Checkers group and handed over the image.

    Sarita van Wyk, spokesperson for the retailer, said Checkers views the perception created by the photograph in a serious light.

    "The supermarket group regards food safety and hygiene in its stores of utmost importance and therefore our stores adhere to stringently monitored food safety hygiene and product handling requirements to ensure that food products prepared on the premises remain fresh and safe to eat at all times."

    She said an accident had indeed taken place that resulted in the chicken falling on the floor and assured Health24 that the retailer is already in the process of a thorough investigation into the incident.

    "According to findings in our preliminary investigation the chicken that the customer saw on the floor had fallen out of the griller due to it being overloaded and improperly stacked. It was placed in the white container to be removed and wasted as per procedure. The container with the contaminated chicken should have been removed from the area immediately," said van Wyk.
    "Our investigation continues and appropriate action will be taken once completed. Disciplinary action is already being scheduled on the issue of improperly stacking the griller which led to the chicken dropping onto the floor."

    Picture credit: health24.com


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