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    Dear Robert

    I am reacting to your public pronouncement that, I quote from SUNDAY SUN APRIL 19,2015:

    “ I have sent them an email and I have not heard anything from them “ and that “ My only interest is my child. My legal team will work on this matter “

    I hereby declare, I am a MOTHER and I write on behalf of myself and my son. I declare your above comments are a blatant lie, meant to mislead and once again, intended to use your public figure status and your perception of power to dilute the issue of your responsibility to your son.

    I hereby declare that you have used the perception of your public figure personality and power to relinquish your responsibility to your only son, believing that my son and I will remain forever your victims, while you have been his absent biological father …by your own choice.

    I hereby declare, over the years I have stopped myself and many of my friends and family from reacting to your neglectful behavior toward my son. Friends and family, many of whom have seen me struggle alone to raise my boy.
    The facts are as follows: The first contact you have made directly with me since your silence almost 2 years ago, is via an email you recently sent dated ( March 7,2015), an email that was meant to intimidate me, herewith details of your email:

    Hi Zoe

    I acknowledge and respect your privacy, peace and tranquility. Regardless, I am content that as the natural father, I am inclined to reasonable access to Awande.

    For the avoidance of protracted legal processes, I request that we attain an immediate and resolute agreement regarding the upbringing of our child.

    Your prompt response is anticipated within 5 days hereof.

    Regards Robert Marawa

    I deliberated with my family, friends and partner who all advised me strongly against my wish to react directly to your above instead, I was advised to respond with my legal representatives who have since written 2 legal letters to yourself and to date, contrary to your above comments, you have not responded. Herewith, details of our letters to you most importantly, acknowledging your biological right as a father and your right to visitation with below expressed conditions on behalf of my son:


    EMAIL -1

    DATED:12 MARCH 2015

    “To the extent that your e-mail suggests that your lack of contact with the minor child, is attributable to the conduct of our client, we refute such suggestion in the strongest terms. 

    On the contrary, our client has continuously taken positive steps in an attempt to establish a relationship between yourself and the minor child. As a matter of fact, you have long since neglected your rights and responsibilities in that your last contact with the minor child was on 18 July 2013 and despite our client’s efforts, you have since made no meaningful attempt to establish contact with the minor child”

    “Our client acknowledges your legal rights as the natural father of the minor child, more specifically your rights as regards contact with the minor child. However, as you might be aware, contact must be exercised in a manner that is in the interest of the minor child, particularly in circumstances where you have not made contact with the minor child in over 18 months. 

    Furthermore, we consider it apposite at this point to draw your attention to the fact that the rights which you demand in relation to the minor child are necessary accompanied by corresponding responsibilities, not least of which is your responsibility to maintain the minor child”

    EMAIL 2 SENT 2 APRIL, 2015:

    “We note that we are yet to receive your response to our previous letter and we place on record that should you remain interested in establishing contact with the minor child, we remain committed to the process as set out in our previous letter, namely that the process be overseen and guided by an independent Child Psychologist”

    “In our previous letter, we made mention of your obligation, as the natural father of the minor child, to contribute towards his maintenance.

    Over the years I have suffered alone in South Africa prior to my taking a job in Australia, even relying on friends to accommodate our son and I.

    My support structure in Australia have seen me manoeuvre a foreign country, with a baby without your participation, financial support or enquiry on how he was doing. I have attempted, on numerous occasions to involve you in your son’s life, before I left South Africa and during my stay in Australia. I have sent pictures, videos, called and emailed you, my son never heard from you.

    I can’t say I am surprised that my friends and support structure in Australia and South Africa have since taken the matter upon themselves to put this on a public platform, responding to your malicious attack on me, with your above mentioned email attempting to intimidate me.

    I have no regrets over such, particularly because it is the very public figure status you have used to neglect your child and your responsibilities, even going as far as a campaign as a “ responsible father and Uncle “ on national billboards, while knowing you have no role in your only son’s daily life. I have exhausted all avenues including current legal communication to get your attention and establish your role and financial responsibility to your son.

    My lawyers and I will proceed with all legal options available to ourselves to make you take responsibility for your son’s psychological, emotional and financial wellbeing. This responsibility has now fallen upon my partner’s shoulders, while you enjoy a life of luxury in full public view.

    Picture credit: kayafm.co.za


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