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    Weird Alert: Mother and Daughter Impregnated by the same man!

    Yep this is one of those weird stories but interesting. Read below!

    But his secret was revealed when both women fell pregnant at the same time!


    “There is no need to hate my daughter for something that happened more than two years ago,” said Mildred Mashego (38), from Casteel, near Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga.

    Instead she is angry with Vincent Malumane (43), the man who made both women pregnant.

    “What kind of man is this? He knew he was sleeping with me and my daughter at the same time but he never used protection,” she said.

    Malumane claims he didn’t know they were mum and daughter.

    “Yes, I secretly had sex with the mother and daughter, but I didn’t know they were related,” he told Daily Sun. “But I can’t go back now and explain what happened. All we have to do is focus on making sure that the kids are raised properly. I’m currently supporting both the boys.”

    The babies were born days apart, on 17 and 22 August 2012.

    At first the mother and daughter hated the idea that the same man fathered their children, but now they are raising their kids together for the sake of the children. “We have accepted the situation and are raising our kids together. It doesn’t bother us anymore that they share the same father,” said Mildred.

    Mildred admits that during their pregnancies she was bitter that her daughter had slept with her boyfriend.

    “At first I was very angry with her because that man was too old for her. The fact that my daughter and I were carrying children from the same man killed me. I even thought of abortion but my religion and my culture forbids that.”

    Mildred said at the time she had no choice but to throw her daughter, Patricia, out of the house to live with her gogo.

    “Seeing her every day as she got bigger and bigger reminded me that I was sharing a man with my daughter and that disgusted me,” said Mildred.

    But she forgave her daughter after their babies were born.

    “And I was longing to be a mother again so I focused on the children,” she said.

    Patricia Mashego (19) said she has learnt from her mistake.

    “I will stay away from older men. I am focusing on my studies now so that I can finish my matric,” she said.

    The two mothers are worried about what to tell their sons when they grow up.

    “They are brothers and a nephew and an uncle at the same time,” Mildred said.

    Both women said they are no longer seeing Vincent but he insists that he is still dating Mildred


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