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    Khanyi Mbau gets a threatened by a woman she once interviewed on her Etv show.

    The television talk-show host has been threatened by a woman who granted her a tell-all interview on her hit show Katch It With Khanyi on e.tv.

    Pheladi Makola opened her heart about her affair with popular DJ Black Coffee last year on Mbau's show and it was broadcast on the free-to-air satellite station OpenViewHD. But the show was then moved to the terrestrial station with a bigger audience.

    Makola sees this as a betrayal on Mbau's part.

    In messages seen by Sowetan sent by Makola, she blames Mbau for losing out on a job.

    "I recently went for auditions. They liked me till one of the gay producers commented that he saw me on your show talking about Black Coffee and they cut me out." She kept the threats coming.

    "You are so lucky that I haven't dealt with you yet. I destroyed the last pimp so bad I had to go to church. Afterwards I felt horrible. I've lost all my respect for you, I regret shooting that sh*^%$#t (Mbau's show).

    "You are not going to get away with this, and this is not a threat, you must know about me right now. I will deal with you my way. You will never understand how I feel, nobody did nothing wrong to you. Watch this space boo!" She accused Mbau of taking advantage of her while making money out of her.

    "You interview someone and then let e.tv air the interview after 14 months, you are disgusting. I'm coming for you. The pain you've caused me you will feel it 10 times more. And I'm glad you screwed me over and when I screw you over it won't be a surprise.

    "They should pay me the same amount of money they paid you for that interview since you promised to get me something on ekasi stories and you never delivered. Anything that would get me back on my feet."

    The rants continued.

    "I should have known not to do that interview. I promise on my brother's grave, you crossed the line. I'm coming for you selfish pimp. I don't want to hear anything else you have to say, tell the channel to (give) me the same amount they paid you for the interview, they got what they wanted.

    "One of (us) will end up in hospital and the other in jail and we will be on every newspaper cover, that's what you want, you love attention that much." Mbau said she took the threats seriously and has reported the matter to the Sandton police.

    "It pains me how people still think I am the teenager I was then. "Drama does not fascinate me. I have dedicated my life to making an honest living."It's sad how being in the public eye sets one up as a target of blackmail and it's sad how a grown woman is out to destroy another.

    Picture credit: sowetanlive.co.za

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