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    Cell C advert shocks South Africans: Its Awkward for family viewing

    Cell C advert shocks South Africans: Its Awkward for family viewing

    A newly released advert by Cell C has been banned from the SABC, and has seen the Advertising Standards Authority receive over 100 complaints.

    The advert shows a scruffy ‘mutt’ getting a little too affectionate with a customer’s leg every time he is forced to pay high prices for groceries, petrol, clothing, or electricity.

    Finally, the dog leaves the man alone when he walks into a Cell C store.

    The advert ends with the slogan “Are you tired of being taken advantage of?”

    The risqué advert has been cited as ‘animal abuse’ by some social media users. However, according to Cell C, a puppet was used to produce the advert, not a real dog.

    “The cost of living in South Africa is expensive and we feel that people are getting ripped off. The dog is a metaphor for how South Africans are getting taken advantage of,” said Cell C’s head of marketing, Doug Matteus.

    He also mentioned that the advert was only flighted on TV after 8pm to make sure that it was not viewed by children.

    The advert has been submitted to the Advertising Standards Authority which will determine whether or not the advert should be edited.

    Hmmm okay. It’s not an easy ad to watch with the entire family

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