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    MENZI to take Mbongeni Ngemas place!

    HE’S in . . . and he’s out! 

    It is alleged that Mbongeni Ngema, of Sarafina fame, left the set of Gold Diggers, and allegedly told producers to “voetsek” Daily sun reports. 

    Actors and crew, who were with Mbongeni on set, said he jumped ship after 50 episodes had already been shot. They said he got into a huff and made a rush for it.  “He just left and it was hectic, because he was one of the main characters,” claimed a source. 

    Mbongeni played the main character and, similar to real life, the character is a polygamist.  Sources confirmed that former Generations actor, Menzi Ngubane, stepped in to fill in Mbongeni’s big shoes. 

    Menzi has occupied Mbongeni’s position, but plays a different role.  “When Mbongeni left, producers had to think harder so they decided on Menzi as they still needed to keep the polygamy storyline,” the source said. 

    Another source said he believes the reason Mbongeni left was that he might have bitten more than he could chew. “He’s a busy man and underestimated the time he would have to spend shooting Gold Diggers.  “When he realised it clashed with several things he had planned, he had no choice but to leave. 

    When Mbongeni was contacted for a statement, his personal assistant, known only as “Zama” answered and said Mbongeni was not available. She said Mbogeni is at kwaNongoma and had left his phone in the office. She promised to pass the message on to Mbongeni. But the actor had not done so at the time of going to print. 

    Matlapulana Ragoasha from e.tv told Sunday Sun: “At this stage we can’t reveal information regarding Gold Diggers cast. We can only reveal that Gold Diggers boast fascinating characters. It is an interesting story, which taps into key issues disturbing ordinary South Africans. This is why we have secured some of the most talented, multi-skilled South African actors. Spectators are in for a treat. The show is set to starts on Monday, 10 August.” 

    Menzi refused to mention a thing when he was contacted for a comment. 

    Picture credit: mzanzimagic.dstv.com 

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