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    5 reasons to give up sugar

    It's not easy to give up sugar, but you’ll see that the positive results of doing so will make it well worth the effort

    In today’s world it’s not easy to avoid sugar, since it’s added to so many foods we buy in supermarkets. Just read the labels of your favourite products and you’ll be shocked at how much sugar you’re actually eating.

    Sugar also occurs naturally in foods like fruit and milk, but these natural sugars are not the problem – it is the added sugars and sugary treats and desserts that wreak havoc on our health.

    Over-indulging in sugar is also linked to many chronic illnesses, like Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems and even dementia. It may be hard, but the rewards are great. Here are a few reasons to give up sugar for good:

    1. Weight loss
    when you eat sugar, you crave more sugar! By giving it up, you will get your cravings under control and won’t feel so hungry all the time. You will probably end up consuming less calories and so start losing excess weight, or your weight will stabilize and not fluctuate so dramatically.

    2. More energy
    Eating sugar causes a spike in your blood sugar levels and then a fall, which generally leaves you feeling tired and drained. When you go sugar-free, you won’t experience this and you’ll have higher energy levels naturally.

    3. No more cravings
    as mentioned before, when you eat sugar, you crave more sugar. By giving it up, your food cravings will stop since your blood sugar levels will be better controlled. This is a great feeling, since you will be more in control of your food choices.

    4. No more mood swings
    when you eat healthily, your hormones will be more balanced. This means you will experience a more stable mood pattern. Many people report feeling less anxious and depressed once they ditch sugar and introduce healthy fats, proteins and vegetables to their daily diet.

    5. Healthier skin
    Sugar affects the aging process because it reacts with proteins, making collagen and elastin structures less stretchy and durable. When quitting sugar, many people note that their skin feels and looks healthier. They also report that their skin feels softer and less puffy.

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