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    Kelly Khumalo on bleaching her skin

    Kelly Khumalo doesn’t seem to care much what people think about her bleaching and she’s making everyone aware of that fact.

    Mshoza went through the same drama with some of her fans when she started bleaching but now it seems as if most of them as accepted it, but will it be the same for Kelly?

    Our Gossip and News team at Entertainment SA were left shocked after the Singer Kelly took to Instagram and wrote "Ima BLEACH until Jesus Comes, you are too damn stupid to think that your opinion matters…" we have no idea what might have triggered her to post such a comment, it seems to us that she has had enough of all the opinion people have of her bleaching her skin.

    In some of the comments fans wrote “: "If you do it for long enough, we won’t recognise you. Ask Mshoza and remember we pay your bills, if we can’t see you iyaphela ifame (your fame will end)."

    Another fan also reminded her not to forget to bleach her fingers. "Saw you on V-ent and the knuckles were pretty dark."

    Picture credit: wordpress.com

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