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    Red Ants leave dozens of Residents homeless

    Dozens of families were left homeless when Red Ants raided the residential place in Willston Court building in Joburg yesterday morning.

    According to Daily Sun Red Ants went from flat to flat, emerging with belongings of the tenants, an eye witness who was at the scene mentioned how residents were so broken when they were not given a chance to carry everything out, some of their smaller items were just thrown through the windows.

    This heartless act started at 7am in the morning, it was reported that tenants were not allowed to move their goods and an Official at the scene said this because the Red Ants wanted to ensure that people take only what belongs to them.

    "Things are just messed up here and they aren't allowing us to take our things. I'm afraid we will lose our things," said one woman who did not want to give her name.

    Lawyer Lucky Mhlanga, the residents’ representative, told journalists the evictions were unlawful and that the matter was still pending in court.

    But on the other hand the sheriff of the court insisted the 1 500 tenants were supposed to have vacated the building last month already

    We at Entertainment SA wish that this matter can be resolved soonest; it’s really unfortunate that people still get exposed to such harsh treatments and end up having to leave on the streets.

    Picture credit: iol.co.za

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