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    JMPD steals the show

    If anything, Tuesday belonged to the hash tag #CliveNaidoo and #Bloubosrand as a video clip of a Johannesburg Metro Police woman (JMPD) and an irate motorist who was stopped for driving through a red traffic light made the rounds.

    The man who clearly thought he had a case against the officer decided to start filming the policewoman as she was issuing him a ticket, upon seeing this she says to him "You think me I'm scared of the video. I like videos. And you're taking me with an iPhone! I'm happy because the pictures are superb"

    The incident didn’t end there however, the motorist commented that he paid his taxes and therefore he pays the officer’s salary. She replied that she also pays taxes and who does her salary pay, his maid?

    The pinnacle of this exchange came when she asked where he stays and the man replied “4, Nautilis Street, Bloubosrand”, her response to this information was just hilarious; "You're paying our salary but you are still staying in Bloubosrand, where there is too much blacks and crime. And in closing, as if what she had said to him already wasn’t enough, she said "If I were you I won't mention I'm staying in Bloubosrand. That's embarrassing." 

    Seems that everyone is for the metro cop as many people on twitter and on radio shows say she did a stellar job putting an arrogant driver, who thought that he could intimidate her with the media in their place.

    We here at Entertainment SA were thoroughly entertained by the exchange between these two. Since it was posted four days ago the video has been viewed more than 200 000 times on YouTube. 


    Picture credit: citizen.co.za

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