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    Ex YoTv presenter Hulisan Ravele expresses how she feels regarding her career taking a knock.

    We at Entertainment SA applaud Hulisani for taking this bold move as we know how most celebrities hit a rough patch in their careers but won’t admit to it publicly. We wish this can be a life lesson to the young generation that being a celebrity does not mean you don’t get affected by life’s problems.

    This is the first part to her emotional letter:

    Where do I start? Well, the truth would work, right?

    It's been just over 4 months since I last laid hands on my keyboard to "pen" an entry on ❤HR and to be honest, it's not because I've been too busy, I just haven't been inspired to share anything because I don't think or feel that anything great is happening in my life right now to share. You see, I'm wired to always be on the move and always be working on something that is constantly evolving and challenging me but of late I've found myself in a very stagnant space and it's a space I really do not enjoy nor do I thrive in it.

    I've found myself in a space where I have to wait. Wait on responses from sponsors about show concepts I've pitched, wait on things to happen, wait on a "yes" to come, wait on destiny, wait on God. Waiting. When your career starts at age 9 and you've always moved from one project to the next project, to the next project, with very little difficulty, waiting starts to feel like failing.

    This was how I felt until I went to church a few weeks ago and I said to God: "I am here today because I need to hear SOMETHING from you! ANYTHING! I don't feel You near! Where are you!?"

    A few days before I went to church I had this song in my head that I had not heard in ages. It was "kuwe, Baba, ngibhek'ithemba lam"….

    Entertainment SA hopes Hulisani will keep being positive in her wait for better things to come and we wish you all the best with your career.

    Picture credit: youtube.com

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