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    AKA enjoying and appreciating fatherhood

    They say any man can have a baby, but it takes a real man to be a father.

    Am sure everyone have realised by now how most of our Mzansi men are impregnating women daily and when it’s time to take responsibility they vanish into thin air.

    Well!!! Our Gossip reporters at Entertainment SA are glad to see that we still have good fathers out there like AKA who takes responsibility and appreciate being a father, can’t our men learn from him?

    The rapper has revealed that his daughter has taught him to be more patient.

    He also shared what being a father thought him, "It taught me that I need to grow up… I just think that it made me grow up more, in terms of knowing that when I say something, or when I do something, there are repercussions not just for me, but repercussions for my daughter and her ability to go to a really super nice school or have super nice toys… It also taught me to be patient, I need more patience."

    Forbes seems to be learning a lot from being a father and when asked what he'd like to teach his beautiful daughter, he said: "I think it would be, believe in yourself. And I know it's corny, I know it's cliche, but that really is what got me to where I am in my life. You have to have absolute conviction in your dreams, in yourself, in what you're.”

    Picture credit: Zalebs

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