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    Former soccer player reaches out, as he warns younger players to invest!

    Ex soccer, Lavas Mohlala recently went on Facebook to appeal to the current crop of young soccer players and aspiring, upcoming soccer stars to think about their future and invest their money and not to waste it recklessly on booze, cars and girlfriends.

    Lavas who posted on Facebook on the 10th January, about how he was down and out after living the high life during his glory days received a lot of encouragement and love from many of his fans on twitter as he trended for almost all of Wednesday evening.

    So determined was the ex footballer to share his painful story that he even appeared on the SABC 1 television Soccer@10 on Wednesday evening to further share his painful experience with viewers.

    EntertainmentSA can only hope that the current crop of soccer players are listening and heed the warnings, by investing their money as well as acquiring an education to further themselves while they’re playing.

    Lavas Mohlala Facebook message:

    This post is an advice for the current soccer players. Don't be like most of us. While we were playing soccer we did not study. Playing soccer will not guarantee u a job after u retire. .most soccer players a from poor back round. When we had money the first thing we did is to buy cars and rent a town house have a new gf. We even forgot were we came from. We grew up being good kids listening to our parents. But when we got that first payment everything changed. When our parents told us to invest we did not listen. When they told us to stick to one woman and stop wasting money we said is my money. We dumped our first girlfriends that we had when we were playing on the dusty streets. When we got to the cities we saw beautiful woman with weaves make up and we went crazy. All this woman that we met in those cities they were there to study. We had new friends, our old friends became our fans we were untouchable. We never thought that we were getting old. We had girlfriends in cape town Durban port Elizabeth Johannesburg. Every news paper was writing about us me taking someone gf someone took my gf. We were on the news papers more than the president. Everybody wanted to be around us but today no one want to associate them selves with failures. I had someone that I called a friend I used buy him food taking him to clubs drive his girl friend home. Today is multi millionaire he drives Ferrari is got big company when ever I call him he does not answer my phone. He does not owe me anything everything I did for him I did voluntary. A true friend will always be the for u. I met a friend in 1997 by name of sthebiso njangase when he had that I was broke he came to my resue friends a not the same .Today I can put a plate on the table for my family because of him. When we were signed by a PSL team younger players were happy to hear that, they thought we will come back for them. They had hope in us hopping that I will change their lives but they were wrong they thought us being signed it will be easy for them to follow our foot steps but we disappointed them. That is the reason when u return home after u retire they say o wele. Is because u did nothing for them

    While u were playing. U did not even build a house for self or renovate yo parents house how u left is how u come back with nothing because u left with nothing. Your parents were poor u had an opportunity to change their lives and yours, what u did is u went to the cities to make woman to enjoy life at the expense of yo family. What I m saying is go back were ever u a coming from donate a kit balls make a tournament if u look after yo community while u a playing yo community will look after u when u retire. Being a celeb is not permanent they were players like Aron shaka ngcobo isac chirwa shakes kungwane.we came in the picture and people started talking abt us. Lovers mohla maimane phiri Brian baloyi gaven Selango and many more. fame is gone now. Now people that are known is mpho makola Patrick phugwayo. All this players I have motioned are from alexandra. Plan yo future while u a still playing invest in proper business. It so ambbarasing when u had cars and now u have to take taxi. I wrote this not to change yo attitude towards yo friends or to distance yo self from yo current friends or girl friends just be aware that u mite end up alone or like me. Lucky enough I had a good friend. I have told my journey is not good make sure u become better than me. A bad life is an educational life.

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