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    Mshoza banned from leaving her house due to the blazing heat wave

    As if the skin bleaching wasn’t enough MSHOZA is preparing herself for "extreme" cosmetic surgery that will set her on the path to emulating Michael Jackson.

    The 32-year-old has been ordered by her doctors to stay indoors and avoid the sun as she undergoes treatment and preparatory procedures for an "extreme" cosmetic surgery and the heat wave sweeping through the country is not helping.

    She was quoted saying "This is something that is not done by one doctor," she said of the procedure. "There are a number of doctors working on me. I will be the first person in South Africa to have it done.

    "It's basically what Michael Jackson did. Then it will formally be introduced to everyone when it's complete.

    "Right now, I'm on pills and injections. I spend the day in the house drinking lots of water. It's a serious thing, if I expose myself to the sun, it might condemn me. I don't want to risk that," she explained.

    We at Entertainment SA have learned that Statistics reveal that South Africans are among the biggest skin bleachers on the continent, beaten only by Nigerian women.

    Mshoza conceded that this procedure was heavy on the pocket and carefully swerved around how much it is costing her.

    Mshoza shocked the nation four years ago when she bleached her skin for a lighter look and surgically altered her appearance.

    This week the controversial singer told Sowetan that her skin was too sensitive for the blistering sun, which peaked at around 40 degrees yesterday.

    She was booked to perform and entertain the masses at the ANC January 8 Statement celebrations in Rustenburg but should the heat persist, she will have to miss the event.

    "Obviously I can't walk in the sun, it can cause a lot of damage, and the heatwave makes it more sensitive."

    She joked that she would not melt if she was exposed to full heat. She also reassured her fans that the procedure is not life threatening.

    Picture credit: okmzansi.co.za

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