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4 Easy ways to stop him from cheating!!!

I was wondering when will my pride allow me to write a piece about what many men want from a women in order to stop having big hearts and eyes (cheating) to be specific. But while I can, let me get right on it and stop beating around the bush.

You should stop calling boys dogs…simply because that can define you as a bone. Rather call them ‘’a man’s best friend,’’ this is much more convenient especially with the fact that you do recon that there’s ‘’a man’’ out there. Yes it is ‘’boys’’ who cheat but even ‘’men’’ sometimes get a little bored of the many things that you do or will do in a relationship. But oh well, they say ‘’prevention is better than cure,’’ here are 4 easy steps to help guide you to a healthy, clean relationship.

  1. Never compare him to any man who’s standards are may be better than his: Most of the women out there like complimenting other men while chilling with their partners, well stop that! There is nothing more degrading then someone making you feel any-less better than another man.
  2. Don’t be a cheerleader, challenge him to work even harder: There is nothing so irritating than a person who screams for your success like a hungry parasite waiting to feed on you…men love a challenge, they want a women who will challenge their pride, who strives to make more money than he can, a women who will even challenge to do a ‘’woman on top.’’
  3. Leave the chicken tendencies during sex :  Oh my word, this one is a turn-off… if you can’t ride him like a mentally impaired teenager, then he will go where they go bananas on him. Stop using the same chicken style over and over again… ride him, grab him, talk to him, change positions for heaven’ sake.
  4. Lead, but let him believe he’s the leader:  If you feel like you smarter than your man, best advice is to keep it to yourself. Men like to feel in charge, don’t second-guess him in the decisions he takes, don’t fight his battles, rather let him make a mistake, then, advise him don’t give him the ‘’I told you so’’ attitude. That way, he’ll trust you.

Try before you fail, rather than to fail before you try… If you do these correctly with no doubt, you definitely have a ‘’keepers.’’

Picture credit:google.co.za

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Article by: Tebogo Nkabinde


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